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Dumpling’d (39 The Terrace AND 7 Boulcott Street)

This little beauty originally opened up on The Terrace and it actually took a while before I got to go there, because it was so far from where I work and there was always a queue. Now, the Boulcott Street store is only a few blocks from work, so I frequently visit. The Terrace store is quite small – there isn’t much seating (although plenty of space to wait) but there are a few nearby parks and other outdoor seating areas where you can go on a nice day. Boulcott has the benefit of actual tables, and has recently introduced a dinner menu with some delicious goodies and fabulous cocktails. The dumplings are such a great bargain (really putting House of Dumplings to shame, finally some competition!) – it’s $7 for 8 dumplings, or $10 for 12 dumplings. You can also buy them to take home with you, where they cost 50c. Also available to take home is the chilli oil, which is seriously to die for, and can be used for so much more than just dumplings! My favourite dumpling flavour varies between vegetarian, and beef & cumin – but there are about 10 different flavours available, so I’m sure you’ll find your own favourite very quickly. Hint: unless you want to buy water, remember to take your own, as that chilli oil really starts to burn after a bit! So good!


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