Floyd’s (130 The Parade, Island Bay)

Spreading my wings from the comfort of the CBD, I headed out to Floyd’s for brunch last weekend. I had no expectation as I had never even heard of it, but I was to be pleasantly surprised. The decor was unusual, one could describe it as steam punk. It was an extremely family friendly place, with a chalkboard and games for the tots, as well as a few outdoor tables (although we were there at the wrong time of day for the sun to hit it right). The cabinet was pretty expansive, with heaps of home-made goodies stacked high (both sweet and savoury). The menu itself was also massive – eggs cooked in a billion different ways (or with different condiments) and a pretty decent children’s menu too. The smoothie menu was certainly one to smile about – I highly recommend the Rocket Blaster, which is essentially a coffee thickshake (but the real deal, not just a syrupy flavour). Everything was priced decently and our meals didn’t take long to come. The aspect I didn’t like was that there was no table service and the queue to the counter was massive – which made the place feel unnecessarily cramped. Overall though, I think it’s a cute little gem hidden in Island Bay, that is probably a secret to most of the inner Wellingtonians. It is certainly somewhere I would have no hesitation taking my grandparents – as the food was safe, but still tasty.

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