Review: Fun Buns

Finally! Somewhere that sells (delicious) bao buns in Hawke’s Bay! I am absolutely spoilt to death living in Wellington where Asian fusion is everywhere and I have been waiting for somewhere similar to pop up at home. Fun Buns goes a decent way towards satisfying this craving however I do think there are some improvements still to be made.

The decor is great; it definitely gives off the vibe of a (fancy) Asian food court. There are a range of seating options; high stools, low tables and even some couches. The lanterns are super cute and add to the ambiance. The menu is priced as you would expect; $11 for bao buns and other sides (I recommend the fried chicken, pork katsu and edamame) range between $10 and $19. The cocktails were about $18 and there was also beer, cider and non-alcoholic options.

Improvements that could be made include making sure that the drinks (and food) are well-stocked and the table should be told at the start of their order what can’t be ordered, rather than the waitress having to come back multiple times to update us. I am also a fan of the bao coming out first as I enjoy it most when I am hungry. There were just subtle improvements that I thought could be made, but I do have high standards 🙂

It is so great having somewhere yummy to visit in Hastings as I have always found good spots rather scarce on that side of town. I will definitely go back!


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