Gotham (4 Chews Lane)

Located literally next door to where I work, Gotham is my go-to place for coffee, especially when I am craving a mocha (see photo above!). It is a great place to visit when the weather is a bit average, as its dark interior makes it feel pretty cosy and it is so easy to tuck yourself away in one of the booths and do some work. It does block out the sun though, so it is not my first choice when the sun is shining. It is supposed to be Batman themed, and although I guess it is, it’s not so much that I notice it every time I visit (except when I’m using the wifi, and the code is ‘Batman’). I wouldn’t say the staff are the  most friendly in town, however they do know how to make a superb coffee, and are always willing to provide extra garnishings! The mochas would certainly be up there with the best in Wellington. The macaroni and cheese is the BEST that I have ever had, and their toasted sandwiches receive similar praise. Gotham has gone a step above the loyalty scheme, and has actually created its own app where you can order online and collect coffee loyalty points. I love the table numbers – which aren’t numbers, but are instead animal figurines.



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