Hippopotamus Restaurant



Hippopotamus Restaurant (Level 3, 90 Cable Street)

My absolute epitome of fine-dining, this place is next level! Living nearby I walk past it almost daily, but have never had a wallet deep enough to allow me to venture inside. When Wellington on a Plate rolled around, I thought that this would be as good an opportunity as any to pay a cheeky visit. And to add to my excitement levels, the Hippopotamus put on a dessert burger for this year’s competition which only increased the novelty factor! I roped in my cousin to come with me on a Sunday evening, and after upgrading our Sunday sweatpants to our Sunday Best, we were ready to go. The place is truly magnificent. Ugly in a way that fancy, vintage furniture always is, but somewhat miraculously (yet unsurprisingly) the restaurant pulls it off. The service is exceptional – I think our complete astonishment and awe at the décor provided a small spot of entertainment for the wait staff, who were so incredibly friendly and helpful.  The menu is eccentric; the place is lush, and if you feel like a fancy night out I would certainly recommend the Hippopotamus!

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