House Cafe

House Cafe (corner of Crosses Road and Napier Road)

Avoiding some of the more popular spots on a long weekend in the Bay, Dad suggested that we head along to House Cafe which is tucked away on the corner of Crosses Road and Napier Road. It’s not that obvious a spot; one of those places that would be entirely easy to miss. I was a teeny bit skeptical after I saw the prices of the menu – it was so ridiculously cheap; for example, $14.50 for a chicken burger and chips, and $9.50 for their world-famous slow-cooked mince on toast. There is seating both inside and outside, and they’re not afraid to pump the heater in these cold winter months. The food came out and everything was well above standard. The coffee was also good and the staff friendly. Solid effort.

Mince on toast, $9.50
Corn fritters with bacon and sweet chilli sauce


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