Istana Malaysia


Istana Malaysia (1 Allen Street)

Istana Malaysia is somewhere that I often forget about, and then remember suddenly when people are calling for BYO options. Ironically, I think that actually my preferred dining experiences there have not been at rowdy BYOs. The mains are pricey enough that it seems a waste to be paying so much on food when it’s almost definitely going to be under-appreciated (mains range between $18 and $23). The service is exceptional, although I have a suspicion that the non-rowdy customers are definitely favoured, and lastly, the place is so massive that it almost doesn’t quite have the right ambience for a BYO. It has an element of class that a lot of other Asian restaurants don’t quite get right, so you almost feel intrusive if you get too rowdy. The roti is absolutely delicious (I always judge a place on its roti) and the mi goreng certainly went down a treat! I would definitely recommend Istana Malaysia; it’s cheap and casual, but still a step up from some of the other spots around.

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