J & M Cocktail Bar

J & M Cocktail Bar (1 Angel Place)

Our adventure to J & M occurred entirely by accident, but was one of the highlights of our trip! Whilst we were waiting for a table to become free at Jamie’s Italian, we ambled around looking for somewhere that we could indulge in a cheeky drink. The problem with a lot of those places around the CBD seemed to be that their liquor licences required us to order food alongside our drink. This wasn’t ideal, as we were obviously saving our appetites for Jamie’s! One kind man pointed us in the direction of a bar however, ‘head down that way’ he said, ‘where you’ll find a staircase – go up’. Up we went, three flights later and we entered into what we soon realised was going to be one hell of a bar. It was absolutely pumping, so much so that we had to be seated at the bar – it was so great that we opted to stay sitting there even when tables became available. The bartender in front of us was an absolute genius – shaking, mixing, pouring away – creating drinks that were absolute works of art. He struck up conversation with us and while the others engaged, I was absolutely fascinated by the speed of his hands and ability to create these amazing concoctions. The menu was intriguing; clearly they weren’t afraid to play with the mixing of flavours, the vibe was humming (some say the place is one of the closest things nowadays to a speakeasy), and the service exceptional. For those who know of The Library Bar in Wellington, it was very similar – but without the books. We tried to come back again but sadly they are closed on Sundays.

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