Review: Jester House Cafe

Our friends and I had both scouted recommendations for when we were in Nelson and when comparing notes we saw that Jester’s was on both of our lists. Ironically, we had both been told excitedly about the ‘tame eels’. Slightly tentative about these tame eels, we decided to check the place out for lunch as it was just down the road from our accommodation and we ended up having a rather unique experience.

With predominantly outdoor seating, this place is super family friendly with a big playground and lots of novelty toys and activities about the place. We ordered a range of food between us – platters, burgers, smoothies and fries – and all of the food was delicious. We sat basking in the sun, looking on at a giant boot which we eventually learnt was actually accommodation.

After lunch we thought we should go check out these tame eels, so headed back to the entrance and down to the stream. None of us bought eel food, but we didn’t need to as basically everyone else around us had. The eels were… beached is the word that springs to mind! They were giant, lying all over each other, lazily clambering for food. We discovered that if we waved our hands above their heads they would rear up and launch (not very high), probably hoping for food. Kids would absolutely adore the eels; it was interesting, strange and highly amusing!




Jester House Cafe (32 Aporo Road, Tasman)

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