La Cloche


La Cloche (97 Featherston Street and 134 Old Hutt Road, Kaiwharawhara)

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This cutesie little French place is so much more than just a bakery. With its flagship store  in Kaiwharawhara, it has more recent opened in the CBD. Another great addition to the Lambton/CBD area, La Cloche has popped up just across the road from Louis Sergeant, and given that they are quite similar, will probably work in the consumer’s favour! A delectable cabinet full of sweet treats and savoury goods, La Cloche also has a menu and a separate part of the shop for coffee. The day I went the queue was out the door and we had to fight for a table, but I predict that if you went at an off-peak time, the tables are spacious, the décor is trendy, and the lighting is good – meaning it would be a great place to go and spend some time blogging/sketching/reading etc. There is a good selection of vegetarian foods available (and if none please, just go straight to the dessert!) and many different kinds of bread/baguette/roll to try. Reasonably priced, the food isn’t exactly hearty, but the French are known for the intricate detail and the taste is sensational.

The store down in Kaiwharawhara is extremely funky, with a very cool interior (think old warehouse done up) and plenty of character. The menu is delicious – $19.50 may seem expensive for a ham and cheese toastie, but they spruce it up and cook it so well, that $19.50 suddenly doesn’t seem quite so outrageous! The staff were all foreign, which only adds to the appeal.



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