La Pancetta


La Pancetta (123 Main Street, Greytown)

We had been recommended to visit this spot by a number of our friends, so we were both pretty excited. We had taken a look at the menu beforehand, and had agreed there wasn’t much choice; especially with our recent decision to omit beef from our diets. Not that limited choice is necessarily a problem; you really only need to like one thing on a menu! When we arrived we were a little disappointed to see that the menu was even smaller than what we had seen on the internet. We both ended up ordering the same dish – the porchetta (see the above photo) which was a delicious crispy pork belly on a bed of fennel coleslaw with plum sauce. It was an extremely tasty dish.

I would definitely recommend sitting  in the main restaurant as opposed to the private room, unless there is a big enough group of you where you would create your own ambiance – as otherwise I think it would feel a little flat. There was lots of drinks to choose from and the staff were all very attentive. On the whole we found the menu to be a little overpriced – the food was great, but I think we expected something a little more from the prices we paid. It was a beautiful night out though; it was just quite a pricey one.

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