Machete Coffee


Machete Coffee (9 Boulcott Street)

I love it when new places open, especially when they are so close to work! Now we have not just Dumpling’d making the Willis CBD vicinity shine, but we also have Machete Coffee, which has opened up RIGHT NEXT DOOR! How wonderfully convenient. Machete Coffee has some delicious coffee options, all reasonably priced and served promptly. The counter food is impressive; the scones are a personal favourite. The space is awesome; exactly the kind of place that would serve me well if I wanted to do some writing or work, away from work. It’s big, spacious and open. The main food feature is tacos; I’ve had the chorizo ones, and I can assure you that I will get them again next time I return – that’s how good they were. The staff are super lovely; always very friend and helpful. I also appreciated sign on the toilet door: a picture of a male, a female (as per usual) and also a third picture which was half female and half male. Keeping with the times, that’s what I like to see!

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