Mama Brown


Mama Brown (250 Wakefield Street)

I’ve lived across the road from Mama Brown for the past 2 years, and I’m afraid to say, I just don’t rate it. When someone suggests Mama Brown to me, I inwardly cringe. Sure, it has great deals (2 for 1 mains on a Wednesday) and the food is relatively inexpensive, but it’s one of those places I find overly greasy and tasteless (kind of like sub-par American diner food).

In saying that, I have been there multiple times, so it can’t be all bad! The decor is absolutely fantastic. The seating arrangements are great; a mixture of tables and chairs, some which seem like old aeroplane (or bus?) seats – with arm rests and the (now lost) ability to recline. The room is decorated in a way that gives it a definite New Orleans hip feel, and the menu backs this up. My recommendation would be the chicken burger and a small curly fries. If you are feeling indulgent, add on a shake (there are only about 10 extravagant flavours on offer) but be warned, this may be the tipping point between walking away satisfied and walking away feeling sick!

Cool location, cool buzz, average food – will never be my choice, but I’m sure I’ll be back.

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