Mediterranean Food Warehouse



Mediterranean Food Warehouse (Multiple locations)

When I first moved to Wellington I lived up in Kelburn, and to my delight there was a Mediterranean Food Warehouse around the corner. I quickly became a frequent visitor,  encouraged by there being a stream of vouchers available on GrabOne. It wasn’t until I moved into town this year did I venture out to the Newtown branch – and my goodness, it was a whole new world compared to Kelburn. It is enormous, with an Italian store/supermarket attached, selling pasta, sauces, cheeses, gelato and other sweet treats, olive oil – the list goes on. We went on a Wednesday night, and the place was packed. There was only 2 of us, so it hadn’t occurred to us that we would need to make a booking; we had to wait, but not too long. The service was exceptional; and I don’t know if it’s just me, but everyone seemed Italian! They were outraged that we couldn’t finish off our pizza, and challenged us to eat it right there and then. Overall, a really good atmosphere and high quality of food. A great place for a night out.

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