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Mexico (41 Dixon Street)

This place rocks; every time is a guaranteed good time. The menu is fun, fresh and exciting, and the atmosphere is exactly the same – if not better. Choose your drink: the margarita menu has something for everyone (I kid you not, there is at least 10 different flavours) or stick with the more traditional sangria, tequila or wine. The plates are relatively small and are designed to be shared (rather like tapas), except for the tacos which are individual servings so you should probably go alone. The chef’s specials change frequently, so always make sure you check these out. And if you are still hungry at the end, never say no to churros! It’s moderately priced, but it adds up quickly because it’s so easy to keep on ordering additional plates – although if you know this going in, the bill actually feels quite reasonable. interior design of the restaurant is great – it is so funky, with several tables (which are often shared between groups) and it has a very Wellington feel about it. I can’t finish this post without mentioning the service; the staff are always smiley and friendly – adding to what can only be described as wonderful dining experience. It’s actually part of a chain; if you are ever in Auckland pop along to Mexico in Ponsonby too!

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