Review: Monica’s Eatery

Monica’s Eatery (Corner of King and Queen Streets)

I read about Monica’s Eatery in Air New Zealand’s in-flight magazine and upon realising the decent quality of cafes that actually existed in New Plymouth, was one of the selling points to visit here for a weekend away. We went to Monica’s for our first meal and I was very approving of the place’s interior design. There was loads of natural lighting, wood, and green plants, which seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment. I enjoy it, I find decor of that nature to be very enjoyable and relaxing.

The menu was decently priced, although options were quite limited if you didn’t want bruschetta or a variation of eggs. I went for the coconut chia pudding, which came with mango, blueberry and macadamia (literally three of my favourite foods) and it was decently priced and very filling (although chia always is). Andy ordered eggs benedict, and while it was delicious (especially the yummy fried croquette it came with) it was pretty small and he commented on how hungry he was afterwards. The coffee was good; although the cafe was busy it still took a very long time to arrive – basically as long as our meals. There was a cute little cabinet with some cute little finger foods (a few tarts and rolls), but quite an expensive way to top up a meal that should have just been a little bit bigger in the first place.

Taste: 9/10

Decor: 10/10

Value: 7/10




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