Mrs Kim’s Korean Kitchen

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Mrs Kim’s Korean Kitchen (89 Ghuznee Street)

Tucked away in the corner of town, it actually to me awhile to visit here as it isn’t quite on the way to anything. I had heard good things though, so was looking forward to the eventual detour. It features in the Entertainment Book (25% off a meal which is already destined to be cheap) and was a place well worth visiting. The staff were friendly, the picnic-style wooden tables were inviting, and the smells just mouth-watering. The dumplings were interesting; I have become quite accustomed to those at Dumpling’d or House of Dumplings so the fried batter style was definitely a change. The sizzling plates are lots of fun, and are definitely my recommendation. Featured in the photo top right, they come out with a selection of goodies to supplement your main meal. Cheap, quick and easy, we were done about half an hour later, and our wallets barely lighter.

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