Munchen (6 Queens Wharf)

In a similar fashion to Bin44, I think the main reason Munchen survives is because of its prime location. It’s relatively sheltered down there by the TSB; it certainly gets a pocketful of sunshine, and it is super convenient both to the CBD for after-work drinks, and to the TSB Arena + Westpac Stadium for a pre-event meal. The food is ‘classic German’. So there are loads of sausages, schnitzels and other meaty dishes on the menu, as well as some lighter options including salads. I would give the taste of the food a 6.5/10 – to me, they seem to be way too generous on quantity, less so on quality. It makes for a decent pub feed though. The staff are all dressed up in mostly traditional outfits – so dirndl and lederhosen, or some variant thereof. Beer comes by the handle, and the all-round atmosphere tends to be pretty festive.

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