Cafe Neo (132 Willis Street)

Being so close to my work, my friends and I here frequent Neo often for a) breakfast, b) coffee, c) lunch or d) all of the above. I love Neo for the decor; its trendy, simple and has lots of natural light, which is exactly what I love in the mornings. The cabinet and menu are both always interesting; definitely something for everyone, but always something new to try too.

The coffee is tasty; I love having the option of bottomless filter, although on the occasions where I have requested it for breakfast I’ve had regrets – it takes so long for them to make that initial brew, that I always wish I had just ordered a normal espresso like everyone else.

My biggest fault with Neo is the service; I’ve had the vibe sometimes that it is a little understaffed. I have found myself waiting ages for the menus etc to be brought over to our table, and then ages again until our actual order is taken. It’s not bad enough to put me off going there!

Highly recommended: the chicken burger!

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