Odettes Eatery



Odettes Eatery (Shed 5, City Works Depot)

Party of the wonder that is City Works Depot, I had heard many a good thing about Odettes before I found an excuse to get here. You know a place is good when I eat there for breakfast, and then suggest it as a venue for dinner for the next group of friends I was catching up with.

The brunch menu was exquisitely unique. It was definitely one of those menus where there was not a single dish where I could identify every single component; but it didn’t matter – every other component of every single dish looked divine.

I ended up ordering a kumara hash with lemon crepe, saffron and peanut, and labneh. I am still unsure what labneh is; but I don’t care – the whole meal was an explosion of incredible flavours in my mouth. The coffee was strong, and the service great – I will be back.

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