Oikos (382 Broadway, Miramar)

A new found spot out in Miramar, Oikos virtually couldn’t be any closer to the airport. It’s tucked away in a building that I wouldn’t have given a second glance to had I not already made a reservation there based on others’ recommendations. Owned by the same people who own The Greek Food Truck, you can expect it to be good. I had actually had second thoughts about going there because I was feeling a bit tentative of the menu; however I’m so glad that I did, and I’m pretty sure anything we had been served that night would have been delicious.

We arrived in the pouring rain and were excited to see how cosy the place looked. After stripping off our coats we made ourselves at home and took a look around. It was extremely modern feeling, a cool space that I would typically associate with some of my favourite brunch spots, so it was neat to see this same vibe being carried over to an evening meal. We were informed of the specials and encouraged to share – my favourite! I had already poured over the menu so it wasn’t long after and we already had plates of food on the way.

The flavours of the food retain parts of the authentic Hellenic cuisine, while at the same time giving it a modern, sophisticated twist which makes it all the more delicious to try. The wait staff were great; they were extremely accommodating to us needing to be out by a certain time (we were off to a film festival movie after) and were happy to provide us with suggestions and recommendations based on our preferences.

The food is definitely best eaten tapa style – the portions are too small to just serve one, but it would get expensive very quickly to order multiple just for yourself. The flatbread and the roast potatoes were both to die for, as was the (chocolate) baklava (photo bottom left) and milk & honey Greek donuts (pictured top right). This place is still only relatively new, but I suspect it won’t stay a secret for long – the whole experience was absolutely superb. One of the most pleasant dinner choices I’ve made recently, and to think I was skeptical initially!


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