Osteria Del Toro

14924008_10210404685500654_20870083_oOsteria Del Toro (60 Tory Street)

One of the first things that jumps to mind when I think of Osteria is how spacious it is. I can’t imagine this place ever booking out, but I’m sure it does. It’s bar would be one of the most impressive in Wellington, both aesthetically and content-wise. I learnt something new upon my first visit to Osteria: the walls are covered in carpet to soak up the sound, meaning that no matter how full the place is, it never gets too noisy. It’s very traditionally decorated, almost tacky, but not quite. Food-wise, the portions are hearty, the pizza goes alright (it’s not the best I have had, but I also have few complaints!) and the pasta is a real treat. The service has always been top notch. I love that it also has Mediterranean food (meaning it goes beyond just another Italian restaurant – not that I have any qualms with Italian) and it has a slightly formal atmosphere, making it a good place to go if you want to amp the anti up slightly.


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