Pacinos Italian Family Restaurant (300 Epsom Road, Flemington)

The main reason we visted Pacinos was because it was in Flemington, close to the race course, which was convenient for us because that was where Cirque De Soleil was on – and we were going to it! The circus started relatively early, so we wanted to find somewhere nearby so that we could enjoy an early dinner with the comfort of knowing that the circus was just down the road. A bit of online searching found us this place, and with outstanding reviews we booked ourselves in for a 6pm dinner. It didn’t take us long to see why they had such good reviews; it excelled in almost every regard. The place was massive and crammed, which gave rise to a buzzing atmosphere. The menu had heaps of options; and rather than being traditional Italian meals, there was a mixture of modern Italian combined with Australian food – which I think served to make the restaurant extremely family friendly. The staff were so incredibly attentive that it was almost scary, our food came super quickly (so we didn’t need to worry about being late for the circus) and everything was reasonably priced. Although it ticked all of the ‘good restaurant’ boxes, I would say that there was nothing particularly special about it to make it worth the trip to visit the restaurant especially – however if you are out that way I would definitely recommend.

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