PappaRich (1 Grey Street)

The new kid on the block, PappaRich is a welcome addition to the relatively limited selection of food available in the CBD. Malaysian too, which is always exciting. The restaurant is big, bustling and smells delicious. When I went the first time we had to wait for a table; but it is a pretty quick turnover and we weren’t waiting long. The waitress explained to us how the menu operated; once we decided what we wanted to order, we had to fill out the order form with our table number, meal code and any special requests and then ring the buzzer for a waitress to come and collect it. The service is quick; it didn’t take long for our meals to arrive, and my gosh, they were tasty. The roti was extremely flaky – almost like pastry, and the beef rendang was extremely flavoursome and tender. The drinks menu is lengthy: a huge range of teas, juices and milk-based drinks make for a a difficult choice! It’s priced well; perhaps a little more expensive then your stereotypical Ghuznee Street Malaysian, but quality food that I would happily pay $2 extra for.


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