Prefab (14 Jessie Street)

A Wellington institution, you wouldn’t expect anything else than a queue out the door when you arrive at Prefab. It is closed on Sundays and you can’t reserve tables, which I think seriously helps keep the demand at an all time high, and for good reason. The food, coffee and service are all exceptional. The worst thing about it is that on Saturday’s there is always so many people, you feel guilty for staying any longer than the time it takes to eat your meal. There is so much going on within Prefab that you can sit at a different place in the café each time, and it makes you feel like you are eating somewhere entirely new. There are high tables, canteen style tables, outdoors and seats at the bar. There is a delectable cabinet full of freshly baked goods, a highly seasonal menu (the hot smoked salmon dish and the waffles – which change frequently, are two of my absolute favourites) and an entire coffee roastery situated within. Also, Prefab stocks Acme & Co – which is the branding for coffee, bread, cups, pickles and jams – and the list continues. Out back there is a hall which plays host to a number of different functions, including the Salt Bar, Pipi Food Truck and various markets – check out the website for details on upcoming events.

If you haven’t been here already, make it a must-visit, and soon! It’s a reliable place to take visitors, because Prefab always performs.







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