Review: Pronto Burgers

Pronto Burgers and Cafe (Shop 7/1 Marine Parade, Tower 2)

Every town needs a local burger joint, and the one at the Mount exceeds all expectations. It is in a prime location, it’s cheap and it’s delicious. Regularly featuring on TripAdvisor’s best “cheap eats’ it was somewhere that I knew I needed to get to, ASAP. Opportunities to eat takeaway burgers are slim when I’m in Tauranga, mainly because I’m staying with family so we usually eat at home or out at actual restaurants. However on this one occasion, my mum was overseas and my boyfriend and I were staying the night in the Mount to break up our journey from Auckland to Wellington.

The opportunity came and we seized it. We headed down to the Marine Parade for a stroll and a burger, with the intention of grabbing the burgers to go and eating them on the beach. It was slightly windier than anticipated though, and so when we saw that there was ample indoor and outdoor seating at Pronto itself we actually decided to eat in. The burger had a big range of burgers, everything from your classics to slight twists (for example a chicken parmigiana burger – which I actually ended up ordering). There were good vegetarian choices, as well as a range of snacks like fried chicken and onion rings. The drinks menu was also more than satisfactory – with a range of craft beer, shakes, soft drinks and juices.

Nothing was too expensive – we got two burgers, a beer each and some fries for less than $30 each. The food was decently sized; I couldn’t finish mine, but nothing ever goes to waste with Andy around! Thumbs up to the chips – decently seasoned and decently crunchy. The service was pretty quick, and if you don’t actually want to eat in I believe you can actually order online and they do deliveries! Convenience at its finest.

It was a great spot, I can see why it’s so popular.


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