Review: Radio Mexico

Radio Mexico (11-13 Carlisle Street, St Kilda)

Radio Mexico is located in St Kilda and serves up some pretty delicious Mexican food. I would budget about $50 per person for a drink, some shared mains and dessert. Although we were part of a group, everyone else was vegetarian so my boyfriend and I ended up sharing our plates and the others shared theirs. We had some chips and guac to start, washed down with a variation of craft beer across the table. The guacamole was super fresh and homemade feeling, and it was a good-sized portion.

The main course of our meal was comprised my verde chicken nachos (absolutely delicious), tacos (the pork was good, but the fish was the real highlight of the night), a pork quesadilla (possibly the least exciting meal of the night – they were served as cooked tacos, rather than flat pizza style, meaning we couldn’t help but compare them to the tacos we had) and fried potatoes. The others ordered the vegetarian nachos (which they claimed were a standout), a variety of vegetarian tacos (tofu and mushrooms both being winners) and also a salad which was so big we ended up sharing it too. Roll on dessert – unfortunately there were no churros on the menu. A few of us ordered the pecan pie, which was pretty underwhelming (dry), but the mousse tart and chocolate truffles were both good.

The décor of the place was cool; quite dim lighting (making photos hard) but heaps of different seating options. There also seemed to be two kitchens – one making tacos, and one making everything else. The one making everything else closes earlier than the taco kitchen (but both close decently late!).

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