Review: 33 Acres

A one stop shop for two of my favourite things: brunch and craft beer. Hands down one of the nicest IPA’s I’ve had in Vancouver so far (a mention must go to Parkside’s Hazy IPA Dreamboat here too), the Fluffy Cloud is just so darn drinkable. An advance warning though: the vessels here are HUGE. They are bigger than a standard vase and can be quite a challenge to finish. And if you do finish… well, you won’t be driving home!

I’ve been here a few times now and my favourites are definitely when it isn’t busy. For brunch, it’s basically a requirement that you wait for a table – at least it’s an inside wait though. The menu is teeny tiny, only about 5 things, but everything is well worth choosing. The ‘beer waffle’ flavour changes regularly – last time I was there it was key lime pie and I had a hard time resisting (but I did!) – I was desperate for the smashed avocado on toast. The eggs benedict is probably the most commonly ordered dish – and for good reason, it is eggs-cellant!

33 Acres is popular, so it’s basically good etiquette to move on once you are done. Unlike other places though, there is no pressure from the staff. That’s because it’s not table service, so the servers aren’t bustling about asking if you want more food or drinks.

Next door to the main part of 33 Acres is their experimental room. I don’t think brunch can be served in here, however it’s a really good option for trying some different beers. I think the best way to go is to order a flight – that way I can try new things as well as ensuring the Fluffy Cloud is included too.

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