Review: Acorn

For all I’d heard about Acorn, it sure didn’t jump out at me as we walked down Main Street. It is pretty small and only makes itself known by a sign that has a picture of an Acorn. It didn’t matter though – we were looking for it after all, and after checking out the menu and putting our names down on the waitlist, we headed off down the street for some shopping while we waited.

Once we got the callback (it was nice not having to actively stand in line, we could leave and come back) we made ourselves at home and familiarised ourselves with the menu. Acorn is a vegetarian restaurant, but it’s menu is so hearty that you’d almost never realise.

 We weren’t 100% sure on all of the ingredients, so we had to ask a few questions of our server after she had introduced herself to us. Although most of the menu sounded delicious and I am usually so intent on ordering something different to everyone else, I couldn’t bring myself to order anything except for the southern mushroom and waffle dish (which is exactly what Mum ordered too). It came with micro greens, gravy and a chili maple syrup.

The food was really nice – very flavoursome and both combinations and presentation were well thought out. The portion size was perfect for me, although Andy (who’d ordered the curry) could probably have done with a bit more.

Prices were reasonable. Seating was intimate. It was overall a lovely dining experience and it was easy to see why it is popular. It actually reminded me a lot of Egmont St. Eatery in Wellington – both in feel and menu selection. I look forward to trying more food off the menu, including at dinner time!

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