Review: Altitude Brewery


After returning from Canada with heightened standards about what I consider a good beer, it didn’t take long for this Frankton brewery to become a firm favourite.  With a menu heavy on IPAs, it would be a lie to say that the selection is to everyone’s taste (it certainly is to mine), however there is a huge range of beers available including sours, stouts, pilsners and a few others. I love ordering a flight at breweries and even though my tasting paddle comes out with all my beers basically the same colour (hazy IPAs, correct) I enjoy trying beers that are quite similar in profiles but with their own distinct flavours.

There is ample outdoor seating at Altitude, with a few indoor options as well. On weekends (and presumably at most peak times) there is a different food truck to order food from. I have really enjoyed the Taco Medic van. The food from the brewery itself is extremely basic – potato chips and the like. No visit to Altitude is complete without a visit to the bathroom – it always takes me ages because I am busy looking for places I recognise along the coaster-lined wall in the hallway. So far, I have only found Whistler Brewing, but there are loads from North America.

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