Review: Azabu Ponsonby


It’s discrete, it’s intimate and it’s sophisticated. Azabu is nestled into the K Road end of Ponsonby Road (right next to my work actually) and it is definitely one of those places that you would walk straight past if you didn’t realise it was there. Its inconspicuousness leads to one feeling as though they have teleported to another destination, as you walk through the door into a humming, bustling restaurant, alive with chatter and delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen.

The kitchen is headed by Yukio Ozeki, who is renowned for his interesting and fun menu, showcasing Japanese food with local ingredients. The menu features a range of small plates, such as the classic chicken karaage, to large plates (don’t miss the famed lamb chuleta) and of course, sushi. It’s common knowledge that the volcano sushi roll is a must try.

A fun night for groups and dates alike, you’ll wonder how you’ve never been there before.

Location: 26 Ponsonby Road

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