Review: Brioche

The only time I had heard Brioche spoken of was many months ago when our Kiwi friend Siobhan asked us what we thought of the brunch scene (at this stage we had only visited Jam Cafe) and that we should make our way to Brioche in Gastown. In my usual style, I scoped it out and thought while it sounded good, I don’t usually target Italian restaurants for brunch. We found ourselves here a few days ago, after being told that there was over an hour wait at Catch 122 and learning that Purebread is currently only doing takeaway. 

We got right in and found ourselves a seat at the window. We ordered drip coffees: I think my description of how bad it was went something along the lines of it being so far beyond drinkable, that it basically became drinkable again. However it was freezing outside and we had been wandering around for hours taking photos, so a hot mug of coffee to dethaw our numb hands was still very much welcome. 

It may sound surprising but I still walked away from Brioche with a very high opinion. The reason for this is that the vegetable quiche I ordered was probably up there with one of the best quiches I have ever had in my life. It was big, flavoursome and somewhat resembled a lasagna. Even Andy had to agree that it was an amazing dish. He had ordered the French toast and this also hit the mark. Not too sweet, not too dry and in typical North American fashion, came with a side bowl of fruit salad – yay for me! Prices were absolutely reasonable too. 


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