Review: Cayle


By day we know it as the Village Green Cafe, but by night, this popular local spot turns into an Asian fusion restaurant. Cayle serves both tapa style dishes as well as bigger plates, so it is a good idea to go with people you don’t mind sharing with. 

I think the ambience of the restaurant is a bit flat, but depending on your vibe, the quality of the food goes some way to compensating for this. My Dad and I came here together for a catch up, so we didn’t really care that the ambience was quite quiet (it’s a lot of square tables in a square room, with not much else) and maybe even appreciated the fact that it wasn’t too noisy. It also wasn’t busy, which would probably go some way to creating more ambience.

The food is nothing short of exceptional. To my annoyance (mostly because I just see it as a blatant upsell, but also because I hate wasting food), our waitress told us that we hadn’t ordered enough and we should on an extra side/starter. Well, we were absolutely stuffed! We had prawn dumplings in a broth which were absolutely sensational, as well as a pulled pork and spring onion okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake). Both were divine. 

We followed up our starters with two rather meaty mains – duck and pork. They were coupled with some vegetables, delicious sauces and pretty decent portion sizes. The prices were reasonable, and with a good drinks list it made for the perfect dinner spot for Dad and I.

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