Review: Cedar Creek

I chose Cedar Creek for my birthday lunch based on a friend’s recommendation. He had been there for his own birthday a few weeks prior and said he couldn’t fault it. We locked in a booking of our own for a late lunch; a two course meal to be paired with wine. 

On the day of my birthday, the weather was pretty crisp. Donning jackets (the first time in a couple of months) we headed out to Cedar Creek, on the way stopping at St Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery. It is a small winery immersed in vines, with a resident Bernese Mountain dog. We had to wait in line for our tasting, but it was worth the wait and we came away with two bottles of wine made from grapes that we had never heard of! (This is actually quite a feat these days, so we were pretty excited. We picked up a Foch (red) and a Chasselus (white))

We arrived at Cedar Creek and were immediately impressed by the grandeur of the building. Our friends had really undersold the place; it was one of the most impressive wineries I have ever seen. There were floor to ceiling windows, with a beautiful patio, a glorious fire and views overlooking the vineyard and beyond towards Lake Okanagan. We even spotted a deer lazing amongst the vines. 

We sat indoors, next to the window, where we were blessed with great views, warmer temperatures and the ambience of the bustling open-kitchen next to us. It was amazing to watch. The high ceilings created a constant sense of awe and the professionalism of the staff just led to the most fantastic experience. 

One of my favourite things about the menu was that it was not food paired with wine, rather it was wine paired with food. By this I mean the items listed on the menu were various wines and then underneath there was a description of the food that came with it. I could tell instantly what Andy was going to order and kind of ironically (but not really a surprise) they were both paired with rieslings. I deliberately branched out, ordering a gewurztraminer (that word is no easier to spell than it is to say, I swear!) and a chardonnay.

We ordered some yummy house made bread to start and then this was followed by some impressive looking starters. Andy ordered an extremely more-ish smoked cauliflower dish and I had ordered a ranch style salad, that came with a salami, blue cheese, hazelnuts and a tasty dressing. We all know I don’t love cheese (especially when it’s blue!) but I wanted to give Cedar Creek the opportunity to showcase it to me – and it was a success. The dish was extremely tasty and the flavours and textures went really well together. 

For our mains, Andy’s riesling was paired with trout and vegetables (done fancy, of course) and I ordered the homemade pasta. I love ALL pasta, but especially when you can tell it has been homemade and a lot of care has gone into its preparation. It was such a divine meal and even though it was “riddled” with mushrooms, Andy agreed! 

It was a fantastic birthday experience and a meal I will always remember. The winery is spectacular and I would 100% recommend it to anyone visiting the area (for food, or just for wine!).

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