Review: Chin Chin

Basically everyone I have spoken to about places to eat in Melbourne has made some reference to Chin Chin. I’ve even heard it described as “one of Melbourne’s best”. Well, I sure needed to put that last statement to the test!

Chin Chin doesn’t take bookings for groups small than seven, so our group of four decided that our best chances of a minimal wait would be to go early. Conveniently, the four of us were lined up to go to one of the night sessions at the Australian Open so we agreed to meet at Chin Chin for dinner beforehand… at 4.30pm.

We were sure that at that time the restaurant would be verging on empty; we couldn’t believe it when we arrived and the place was packed. We managed to nab a table without much of a wait and we sat down to begin our fest.

The menu is classic Asian fusion. It features a range of Asian cuisines, it was fresh, innovative and typically pricey. I took charge and basically ordered for the table – which was ideal in this setting because it enable us to get a wide range of coordinated dishes. Some of what we had included the pad Thai, roti, pork belly steamed greens and the Thai fried chicken. Highlights included all of the above!

Service was fast, although I think that the waitress could possibly have been a little more helpful with the menu. In places like that I think it is usually appreciated when the wait-staff provide some guidance about ordering. For example how many dishes per person or the overall amount to order. I definitely recommend Chin Chin as a restaurant for delicious Asian food, speedy service and a thriving atmosphere. It is however quite expensive (especially as the dishes do tend to be on the smaller side) and the fast turnover can result in a shortened experience. If you do find yourself waiting for a table, it is possible to pop down to GoGo Bar, which is owned and operated by Chin Chin itself.

Chin Chin: 125 Flinders Lane

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