Review: Eddies and Elspeth

This trendy little spot in Mount Maunganui embraces a concept I haven’t really come across, but am all on board for. Eddies and Elspeth are actually two separate entities, sharing premises but still very much distinctly their own. They may share a countertop, but the tills are separate, so order for Eddies at one end and Elspeth the other – which definitely feels confusing the first time around.

Elspeth is a delicious little bakery, serving signature mille-feuilles (fancy custard squares), sausage rolls and scones to die for. We all know I’m partial to an almond croissant and Elspeth’s are up there with the biggest and the flakiest I’ve ever had, but sadly they go a little light on the almond. There are also lots of filled baguettes, cakes and tarts to feast on. The coffee is strong and with prices ranging between $4-8 for most of the cabinet (the baguettes might be slightly more) it makes for a great little takeaway joint.

If you want to sit in however, that’s definitely an option too. Sit anywhere and you can order from either Elspeth or Eddies (just make sure you order at the right end!). Eddies has a brunch menu, offering a wide variety of everything from corn fritters and burgers, to Ed’s benedict and granola bowls. The average price seems to be about $21 and the same menu is available all day long.

Eddies and Elspeth manages to feel like a hidden little retreat, despite being next to a busy road and having what feels like a constant stream of people. It’s a few minutes from the main street of the Mount, so parking tends to be less of an issue than coming right the way down town. 

My main tip is to check out the cabinet at both ends of the counter: although it’s primarily a brunch spot, there is still a wee cabinet at Eddies and it offers some delicious looking muffins and slices. I always forget though and usually head straight to Elspeth’s (the pastry is just sooooo good!)

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