Review: Forage

Forage is on Robson Street, right next to its sister restaurant, Timber. Such cute names and such a cool spot. Timber is the less expensive, more of an after-work drinks vibe, but with an equally alternative menu to its upper-class sister Forage. I have heard excellent things about the pair of them, but Forage was the first one I had the chance to visit. Why? For its brunch menu, of course!

With options like ‘Turkey sausage hash and watercress pesto’ and ‘double fried pork cutlet sandwich’ I knew it could be a meaty feed. They have a daily scone option and a daily eggs benedict option, both of which are always flavours sourced from local, seasonal produce. The sweet menu is also extremely enticing: breakfast parfait, flashy French toast and also pancakes – how was I ever going to choose.

I ended up doing what I often do: short list a few options and then wait and see what everyone else orders, making sure I order something different from everyone else. I chose well! I went with the ‘double fried pork cutlet sandwich’ which was described as a ‘Forage favourite’ so I was expecting good things. The meal was beautiful, both in terms of presentation and taste. I would have loved some of the crispy potatoes on that side, that everyone else had the good fortune of receiving, but no real complaints.

All of the food was presented well. I think if I were to go back I will order the ‘Turkey sausage hash’ because it looked exceptional, or else I would try something sweet. It was nice for a change to not be hustled out by our server when we were finished dining – we were actually able to just sit and chat until we were ready to leave. For how fancy I had perceived Forage to be, the prices weren’t actually all that bad when it came to paying – in fact, not much more than just a regular brunch. Everything about it was good quality.

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