Review: Franziska

Hiding out in the ‘burbs of Wellington, Franziska is a charm that I fear will be lost in the culinary equivalent of a jewellery box before too long. I had been eyeing it up for a wee while and then I saw it on GrabOne – a three course meal for two people for only $65! I didn’t take any persuasion. The terms of those vouchers state that bookings are essential, and although we did, it was so unnecessary. Despite the fact that it was a Friday night, the place did not seem anywhere near its capacity, especially after we realised that there was a whole other part to the restaurant out the back.

The wait staff were lovely; we were looked after by one man (presumably the owner) the entire night, and he was chatty, fun and interesting The meals were HUGE. It would not have been a problem if we were just ordering one course, but because the voucher entitled us to three courses, we were obviously going to order accordingly. Honestly, I was full after just the entree. And you know the meals must be big when even Andy has to doggy bag his pizza, and leave behind part of his dessert.

The cuisine is South American, which generally suggests hearty, meaty and tasty. All three of these boxes were checked, with more of an emphasis on the first two. I found all the food interesting to try, but I question whether the food and ambience is enough to make customers return. We’ll see.


Address: 24 Dundas Street, Seatoun

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