Review: Go Fish


Oh my goodness, I think I have found my answer to ‘favourite fish and chips’. Go Fish first came to me by way of a podcast, where I heard a couple comparing the best fish and chips in Vancouver and Victoria. It’s hard to get fish fresher than at Go Fish: the fishing boats and onboard fish market are mere metres away. As the crow flies, Go Fish would have only been a few hundred metres away from our apartment (it was just across the water at the opening to False Creek) however it takes a lot longer to walk there over the Burrard Bridge. 

Go Fish offers not a single indoor seat (and basically nothing outdoors either) so it really is just a takeaway joint – and its waterfront location on the sea wall means it really is not a popular destination when the weather is not playing ball. On a sunny day though, expect a line. Each time we went we’d take our food to nearby Granville Island, or elsewhere on the sea wall and sit and eat it (usually in the sun). 

Ordering is easy – it’s hard to go past the fish and chips. Seriously though. The point of difference here is that you can order a fish cone – it’s basically a fish in a cone shaped taco/wrap with some fresh salad bits. It’s yummy, it’s crunchy and it feels like a more wholesome meal than just a piece of battered fish. In saying that, I do not recommend the coleslaw that is included in the wee plastic tubs – I like some lettuce with my mayo thanks!

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