Review: Hardware Societe

If you’ve read my other Melbourne posts you may have got the impression that I think Hardware Lane is a bit of a tourist trap. Well that wouldn’t be far from the mark, but I have recently learnt that maybe some decent food can actually be found on that very street. Hardware Societe itself is pretty inconspicuous – first time round we actually struggled to find it. Once I learnt that Hardware Lane actually extends beyond those two blocks of condensed restaurants, we were away laughing.

Hardware Societe is rather small, yet they manage to seat a fair few people. We were lucky and didn’t need to wait for a table any more than 5 minutes, but we were aware of the queue building while we ate.

The menu is heavily French influenced (the menu is actually printed in both languages) and while delicious, it was definitely the most expensive brunch I’ve had in Melbourne (probably due its being on Hardware Lane..!)

There were lots of yummy cabinet options – both sweet and savoury, and be sure to check out the retail shelves also; very tempting treats for sale!

Hardware Societe: 120 & 123 Hardware Street

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