Review: Heritage Asian Eatery

Heritage first came to my attention following one Vancouver’s Dine Out Festivals, where I saw that Heritage was offering a $15 special. No bargain gets past me, so after checking out their menu and reviews I was pretty keen to visit! The annoying thing about their downtown location is that they always only seem to be open for lunch and not on the weekends – which doesn’t really suit when I’m always working from home these days.

One day however, we found ourselves on Broadway in need of some food. After a quick glance at the map, I realised that their flagship restaurant was just a block away and was open on this fine Saturday! We made our way over and grabbed a spacious corner table in what was a near empty restaurant.

Our hostess was extremely attentive (not surprising given the lack of customers) and helpful. We ordered some bao (a shared love of Andy’s and mine) as well as some fried noodles and a rice dish. All of the food was absolutely delicious and extremely well priced. The portions were big enough that we had to take some of it home for dinner. It was a great place to chance upon and if I ever go back to the office before I leave, I’ll be sure to check out their downtown location too!

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