Review: Higher Ground

Higher Ground certainly ranks amongst “Melbourne’s coolest” and it doesn’t take long to see why. Waiting for a table has never been so customary: anything under 20 minutes and I’d say you were doing pretty well. There is an area to sit in while waiting with the possibility of ordering a coffee in the interim.

With an abundance of seating options (although it’s likely you won’t have a say where you end up) it’s safe to say that you probably won’t have the same experience twice. I have been fortunate enough to sit upstairs, which gives incredible views over the whole place. You could always go for a wander up there if you wanted to check it out, I’m sure nobody would notice!

The menu is highly innovative with a range of interesting and fun sounding options. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – although I’m yet to experience the evening side of it. The cheese toastie is meant to be exceptional, however I am yet to true. I can vouch for the lamb fry-up and of course, it’s hard to go past the ricotta hotcake. One of the most beautiful meals I have ever seen, it surely verges on a work of art. The eggs benedict is yum (of course) however I think it’s a risk to mix up a classic and in this case I probably prefer the original.

Service is outstanding; it is clear this place is a real institution and everybody is so efficient. The food comes out so quick, it just shows how fast they are churning through their meals. Prices were standard, maybe verging a little more on the expensive side but nothing outrageous (even with the conversion rate!). I highly recommend the cold brew.

Higher Ground: 650 Little Bourke Street

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