Review: Hunger Monger

Hunger Monger had been recommended to me many times, by many a friend, before I actually made it there. I needed a perfect spot for a Friday night date after I picked Andy up from the airport at 8pm and it made sense to eat somewhere in Napier so that it wouldn’t be too late for the kitchen when we arrived. Finally, I was going to visit Hunger Monger.

I had made a reservation over the phone with a kind lady who was later completely understanding of the fact that Andy’s flight time had been delayed and we would arrive a little late. From the moment I made the reservation until the time we left the restaurant, I found the service to be exceptional.

The menu at Hunger Monger features predominantly ocean produce and succeeded in catering for a wide range of palates. There was everything from fish and chips to ceviche and more refined dishes. We opted for a mix of seafood dishes, including the ceviche and the fish of the day, as well as halloumi poppers and a chicken curry.  Ironically, my favourite dish of the night was the chicken curry. Ironic, given it was a seafood restaurant. It was extremely flavoursome and warming, containing a delicious array of green vegetables and a generous garnish of coriander. 

While the fish of the day was delicious, it didn’t blow my mind. Ditto with the ceviche, but I think on the whole I am less of a fan of a ceviche that sits in liquid – to me it should be a little less broth-like and more focus on the fish itself. The halloumi poppers were tasty: they were fried well and the chutney they came with was exceptional, however I like halloumi cheese for it’s distinguishing taste and texture and I found once it was fried and layered in chutney, it could have been anything on the inside and the best parts of the halloumi were lost. Very yummy though as well as cool presentation.

I would definitely go back to Hunger Monger. Whether you go with a group of friends or on a date night, the restaurant manages to marry casualness with intimacy particularly well, making it a fun spot for all.

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