Review: Ippudo

Our last night in the western world for a few months meant we took the choosing of our last supper very seriously. Predictably, Andy cast his vote for fried chicken and beer, mine was for ramen. Ironically we found two places across the way from each other that specialised in just that. Fortunately, Andy’s place had closed already so no debate was needed and ordering karaage chicken was the obvious compromise. 

For a weeknight in Chippendale the place felt packed. They’d sold out of veggie ramen already, not that that was a problem – I also wouldn’t have minded if they’d sold out of bonito flakes! We didn’t really need to read the menu, as our order is virtually always the same: pork tonkatsu ramen, karaage chicken, pork gyoza and an assortment of bao buns. 

The food came out as it was ready which is my preference when it’s shared plates, but I do prefer the bao coming out early on as it’s one of the most filling. We’d ordered the right amount, although the karaage in particular was so finger lickin’ good I would have happily eaten more! 

I’ll be the first to admit that our standards for ramen tend to be high; Japan followed by Wellington’s ramen shop have thoroughly spoiled us, but I did think the broth was pretty darn tasty. A nice murky colour which we all want to see, but no underlying fishy taste which is very important in my eyes! The noodles were plentiful and served slightly al dente: the recommended way I have recently learnt. 

It was a cheap meal, under $50 for the both of us, and a cheerful and casual environment. If I lived in Chippendale I would be all over that loyalty card!

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