Review: Kettle Black

The darling sister café to Higher Ground, Kettle Black is just so much my scene. It’s airy, light, fresh and bustling. A delicious cabinet (filled with donuts, among other things) greets you in the foyer and sensational aromas waft from all directions. It is conveniently located only a short walk away from where my partner and I were staying, so an eventual visit to Kettle Black was basically inevitable. We wandered down one morning and put our names down for a table; about a 20 minute wait they said.

Well, approximately 20 minutes later our names were called out. Although we were seated inside, there is so much natural lighting and greenery everywhere that I could quite easily believe that we were actually outdoors.

The menu differed slightly to that of Higher Ground, however the ever popular ricotta hotcake was still present. I think that Kettle Black is slightly more refined in its flavours, and to match, just slightly more expensive in its options.

We made our orders;  I ordered small because I had my heart set on one of those delicious looking donuts. Service was exceptionally quick and the whole atmosphere is extremely pleasant.

Kettle Black is a spot I would highly recommend and despite it being out in the suburbs; it is certainly no less popular!

Kettle Black: 50 Melbourne Road, South Melbourne

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