Review: Kintaro Ramen


Kintaro Ramen is not far from our house. As a keen ramen eater, I had already identified it as our closest joint before we even touched down in Canada. It took us a lot longer to make it there than anticipated though – we tried early on and were unsuccessful as unbeknownst to us, it is closed on Tuesdays. A few weeks later we eventually found ourselves there and to our delight, we didn’t even have to wait for a table. We nabbed the last one.

Kintaro Ramen is only small, which makes it pretty cosy. There is one big shared table, a few smaller tables and then a few seats up at the bar. It has a homely, cheerful vibe, added to by the staff calling merrily to one another.

The menu is pretty limited. A few different types of ramen and some gyoza – that is basically all. A limited menu at a ramen restaurant isn’t usually seen as a problem my me – after all, I’m there for the ramen. Kintaro has stepped away from serving only traditional Japanese ramen: they also serve ‘cheese ramen’ which they claim to be very popular. I’m not the biggest cheese fan, so I was never going to order it!

When ordering, the first decision is deciding how rich one wants their broth, followed by whether they want fat or lean pork. I ordered lean, but in hindsight I think the fat would have been a tastier choice. Naturally, we also ordered dumplings. As always in ramen restaurants, our food came out pretty quickly. The bowls were enormous: easily the biggest bowl of ramen I had ever seen in my life. Honestly, I thought it was a little too big – by the end of it (which I couldn’t even finish) I felt like I’d just devoured a huge bowl of two minute noodles… not ideal.

Overall, Kintaro didn’t quite meet my expectations. I’m certainly a quality over quality kind of girl when it comes to eating out, and Kintaro weighed heavily in the opposite direction.

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