Review: La Cantina Tacos

Due to provincial guidelines (in relation to the pandemic) our ski trip had been cancelled and then cancelled again. We decided to lower our bar, opting to ski locally at Whistler, rather than continuing to try and get to the interior of BC. We had a glorious three days of skiing in Whistler, plus we managed to explore loads of outdoor spots (I might do a separate post on this, to be confirmed) giving us a sweet, sweet mini getaway from Vancouver.

We didn’t want to eat out too much, just to minimise exposure for both ourselves and the local community at Whistler, but we did treat ourselves to one dinner out. We ate at La Cantina Tacos, a cheap(ish) and cheerful Mexican restaurant located in the Olympic plaza. There were only four or five tables, all divided by plexiglass, and most of the custom while we were there appeared to be takeaway orders.

After a day of outdoor activity, my frozen margarita was more than earned. And even if it wasn’t, I probably would still have ordered it because we were on holiday baby! Andy ordered a Coast Mountain beer – a locally brewery that we would also visit during our time in Whistler. We ordered a bunch of tacos (fish, pulled pork and jackfruit) as well as a burrito for the mileage. The burrito was particularly good, but all of the food was yum and great value. I would totally visit again!

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