Review: Lola Stays

Don’t we all love a fresh acai bowl or some avo smash? I do! And Lola Stays delivers. I am of the personal opinion that the waterfront situation in Wellington is pretty dire (I feel as though I pay for the location, not the quality of the food) so am happy to see somewhere pop up that actually seems to hit the mark. Serving well presented brunch, right through to evening tapas, Lola Stays has a welcoming, open vibe. It is relatively cramped (but in a happy and busy Saturday morning kind of way) and the staff are extremely attentive, actually verging on a little too attentive at times. There is a good mix of items on the brunch menu (inconveniently you can’t order from the lunch menu until after 12) and the afternoon menu looked absolutely delicious, slightly Asian-fusion themed. The beautiful flamingos plastered across the feature way definitely didn’t go amiss, but their colouring was such that i was a pleasant addition to the decor, rather than tacky. Food was well priced and decently sized. Instantly top of my list when it comes to ‘places to eat in Oriental Bay!’

Address: 106 Oriental  Parade, Wellington

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