Review: Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina


Oh how we loved to eat at Los Cuervos. Firstly, it was just around the corner from our East Van house. Second, it has the greatest happy hour – and who doesn’t love a cheap margarita?! Lastly, it has wonderful outdoor seating, verging into Robson Park (our local favourite) and conveniently catching the afternoon sun.  

We would always time our visits to coincide with happy hour. Even though they actually changed the happy hour (making it not as good as value, but definitely still good enough to go), it was still definitely worth our while. The happy hour was a taco and drink for $13, but that has changed slightly now to just be discounted tacos and drinks. 

There is a huge cocktail list and they also serve some great beer options as well. I barely had the same margarita twice: the list of margaritas alone is so extensive, and the servers always have great suggestions about what they think you should try next.

From a taco perspective, it’s hard for me to go past the fish and the el pastor . Somewhat surprisingly (and in a massive underdog move) the chicken taco is also delicious. Even when I describe it out loud I still don’t think it sounds particularly good (as a taco): charbroiled marinated chicken, arugula, pineapple and chipotle mayo. I think it’s the charbroiled marinated chicken that puts me off, however you shouldn’t let that stop you – because like I learnt, it’s incredibly tender and flavoursome chicken!

No visit to Los Cuervos is complete without some churros, especially when they are served with that delicious leche de leche caramel style sauce. Get in my belly!

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