Review: Mackenzie Room

The Mackenzie Room in Vancouver is an ideal spot for dates, or small groups wanting an intimate catch up in a classy setting. Ironically, its location is across the road from Oppenheimer Park, which was previously home to one of Vancouver’s biggest tent cities. I never ate there when this was the case, but I can imagine I would feel some discomfort, especially as I paid the bill.

There is a chalkboard menu which changes regularly, offering both a set menu and a la carte. Lighting is dim, adding to the vibe, but it can make the menu difficult to read! Fortunately the servers are mostly engaging and informative, so it’s always easy to have them confirm the menu. Andy and I visited Mackenzie Room with two of our friends, Taylor and Connor. Taylor doesn’t particularly like seafood, so when we saw that the set menu incorporated a lot of fish and shellfish, we opted to eat a la carte.

All of the dishes are well plated, innovative and well thought out. While they tend to be on the smaller side, if you follow the advice of the server, there ends up being an ideal amount of food (although it’s not the cheapest meal). The menu favours the adventurous: different parts of different animals can be ordered by the brave. With a great drinks menu and excellent service, the Mackenzie Room is a favourite spot for many.

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